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Symbiotic world of net will continue to drive new possibilities

Successful companies have leveraged the power of the internet to drive significant growth in their businesses. On the other hand, companies which have not embraced the opportunities created by the net or have delayed leveraging the same have disappeared. In both these categories, one can list several names. It has been a few years since the net has moved beyond being just the basic part of the infrastructure. It brings newer opportunities every single day. With the onslaught of mobile online, cloud, big data, social, etc., it also creates new service delivery models and newer ways to monetize them, while in the process, driving massive transformation yet again, across all constituents of the industry. Read more

Business Impact through New Technologies and Product Engineering

It is always encouraging to meet with customers and partners to explore new dimensions of possibilities in engineering and technology… Doing so with global customers across industry segments makes it more interesting and challenging at the same time. More and more, we often reach the cross-roads of industries and technologies which provide great opportunities for innovation and new thinking. In an earlier blog, I captured some themes on convergence largely related to products we use as consumers, and now I see this increasing more rapidly universally across industries. The leverage of technology is pervasive, be it at the consumer or industrial level. The positive rate of change in adopting embedded technologies, M2M, cloud, substantially improved user interface, etc. by industrial companies is simply amazing. Read more

The next phase of smartness…

Look around yourself and the chances are you will find a smart device around you. We are living in a world where devices are now becoming smarter at a much faster pace than ever before. Devices are connected, not just to act on their own, but also to communicate with a colossal network of other such devices. Gone are the days when the word ‘smart’ were attached to intelligent individuals only; today it is commonly used for a set of systems or devices. Any system or device can be called smart in the given context: if it can make decisions based on an event or set of events, in accordance with the rules defined, which reside within the device or through connected back-end systems. Read more