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Symbiotic world of net will continue to drive new possibilities

Successful companies have leveraged the power of the internet to drive significant growth in their businesses. On the other hand, companies which have not embraced the opportunities created by the net or have delayed leveraging the same have disappeared. In both these categories, one can list several names. It has been a few years since the net has moved beyond being just the basic part of the infrastructure. It brings newer opportunities every single day. With the onslaught of mobile online, cloud, big data, social, etc., it also creates new service delivery models and newer ways to monetize them, while in the process, driving massive transformation yet again, across all constituents of the industry. Read more

The making of e2 – Engineering Experiences

Engineering, as defined by Wikipedia, “is the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes.”

It sounds convoluted and complicated, does it not? What can we do to change this complex perception and provide a different point of view to the idea of engineering? How do you make engineering emotional, aspirational, social, understable, fun and widely connected? Read more

From features to experience to the heart of the customer

In recent years, the success of a consumer product has depended less on whether it has the latest technology and more on whether it offers the coolest overall customer experience. The iPhone is, of course, the iconic example of this trend. People came to love the iPhone not just for its features but for the whole experience of using it – the way it looks and feels, the means by which they control the device, how they acquire and use apps, and so on. Read more

What computer are you wearing today?

It has been less than 6 years since iPhones made their debut into our lives, and what a profound impact it has on us as individuals and businesses. After the launch of Apple’s iPhone, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. According to a mobile mindset survey, 54% of respondents check their phones while lying in bed and 73% panic in case of misplacing their smart phones. Whether a smartphone or tablet, come to think of it, we are dependent on these devices which have permeated our lives so recently (the iPad was introduced less than 3 years ago!) Read more

Technologies and Industries: Converging for a Better Tomorrow

Convergence is fascinating, as it brings new possibilities of change to a better life every single day. Innovation, at the dual axis of technologies and industries, is driving its rapid adoption. Significantly enhanced functions and services orientation are aiding the growth as well.

In March 2011, Toyota unveiled “the future of mobility” plan under Toyota Global Vision, which elaborated on the company’s approach to the future of the automotive industry. It sketched the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and its roadmap towards a better driving experience and a safer vehicle at the same time. It touted predictive driving support based on the history of the driver behind the wheels; the location and time; communications exchange system – between vehicles, the road and ecosystem of pedestrian and infrastructure; and an information network for disaster response which would push towards a goal of zero casualties. Read more