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Symbiotic world of net will continue to drive new possibilities

Successful companies have leveraged the power of the internet to drive significant growth in their businesses. On the other hand, companies which have not embraced the opportunities created by the net or have delayed leveraging the same have disappeared. In both these categories, one can list several names. It has been a few years since the net has moved beyond being just the basic part of the infrastructure. It brings newer opportunities every single day. With the onslaught of mobile online, cloud, big data, social, etc., it also creates new service delivery models and newer ways to monetize them, while in the process, driving massive transformation yet again, across all constituents of the industry. Read more

The likely era of hyper-personalization

The online activities, trails, footprints and shadows which we leave in the connected world is the genesis for the hyper-personalization that everyone is trying to capitalize.

We are moving into an era of hyper-targeting. Marketers are constantly trying to super-personalize their messages and push the right deals to drive our buying decisions. Today’s technology has increasingly enabled a superior capture of the context in the online world. Read more

A view on the advancing world of secondary education

I remember when my son had his high school group projects 5-6 years ago, the house used to be filled with his friends who crammed into his room to complete the project in multiple sittings. Some did group discussions, some online research, some drew, some wrote or printed… Of course during these project sessions, the snack jar and soda consumption would invariably increase…

Having lived through that era, the same group project syndrome has started again this year with my daughter now in high school. Interestingly, the difference is that this time the collaboration is virtual. Google docs, Skype video and Facebook chat are in, cramming into a room is out. We are living in an age of rapid technology evolution which is changing the way children study, collaborate and build their personalities. The digital world is their second nature, collaboration their first. Read more

2011 – The year of People Power

Globally, if there is one element that stands out during 2011, it has to be People Power. Activism at the grassroots level around the world clearly set a new benchmark in recent times, with unprecedented levels of people’s involvement in changing and challenging the status-quo. The courage and conviction of people to drive major change is unparalleled in a really long time. When the world comes together through the might of the common people, seemingly impossible tasks start to look achievable. People want a better tomorrow and also an equal participatory role towards the growth of their society and future. Read more

Power to People

I have watched with great interest and curiosity the race to first million on twitter that Ashton Kutcher won couple of days back ( interestingly over CNN !) and the subsequent coverage of both the platform and the celebrity by all in the media from Larry King to Oprah… Why is this first million so important… what happened…whats the message.. it triggered some intriguing thought… Its really about giving Power to People…  ability to communicate, express and connect … a clear view that people are listening is truly the phenomenal way to increase the positive energy in the ecosystem..


It was incredible – the way Ashton realized and then galvanized people to help him reach million followers mark – by challenging CNN… – more importantly also is the way people supported by signing upto him. It certainly may have given the free publicity to all involved in this process – most of all to twitter. However the broad trend and key message that’s emerging for all of us to witness and participate is the powerful emergence of a new communication platform to reach out to the world and also bring them closer. Imagine a world, that’s connected so seamlessly – what a power it would provide to people….and what level of accountability it would drive for govt and organizations to serve …


Technology, Telecom Infrastructure, Broadband, Content, Rich user interfaces, giving it free and yet able to make it a commercial success…. are all key and essential ingredients to bring the communication platform to people. Ultimate goal is to connect all the Billions of people in the world and provide the real power to them – power to communicate, reach out, express and ensuring that decision makers act to solve issues and problems… This movement of social networking from twitters and facebook etc. will move from simple communication and sharing forum to mainstream and will eventually take shape of creating a new way of accountability – the real Power to People…..