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Two August Heroes

Many a time you meet people who leave a significant impression with you. Some by their ‘change the world’ attitude, some by their courage and gutsy approach, some by their humility – irrespective of how successful they are – and some by their ability to simply ask the right questions. Interacting with them, listening to them and more importantly, learning from them is a sheer joy. Among several people whom I met this month at the business, social and personal levels, two of them stood out because of their ability to be different and create significant impact.

One who prepares well for a meeting, clearly shows a grasp of the subject in understanding and in articulation. In addition, anyone who wants to go the extra mile, prepares even more with a broader context and more research on all of the associated subjects and areas. Normally in team meetings, the experienced ones speak the most – some because of rituals and some because of their own belief that they need to! From experience, their command on the issues at hand is mature though not always the best solution. If these meetings are large in size, the newer team members must come well prepared to quickly join the momentum of the discussions and contribute with astuteness and new thinking. That is the sure way to stand out with relevancy and new ideas. A youngster in a recent meeting picked up all of the nuances among the intense discussions and asked some of the most relevant and thought-provoking questions. She had obviously researched well for the meeting. However, rather than trying to contribute with solutions and answers, she stood out because she firmly took the position of asking the right questions, which the rest of the team had missed in the entire discussion! Many a time we go with the flow, intending to find solutions; whereas simply asking the right question can steer the conventional approach towards a new direction. Give it a try!

Looking at the social sector with a view of responsibility, one notices the humongous task at hand to drive fundamental change at the grassroots level. This is even more amplified in Asia, Africa, LATAM and other emerging economies. In India, I recently met a real transformer. I was amazed at his sheer intensity to own and drive fundamental change in the lives of children from the lowest strata of society. He works with the ragpicker children, assuming responsibility to educate them through proper primary schools, and furthermore, working with their family support system to ensure the changes are everlasting. While this young man could have taken any corporate job in India, his intense commitment towards changing lives at the grassroots level is truly awe-inspiring. I asked what drives him, and his response was, “It’s not only about changing one child or one life, it’s about impacting generations.” I salute him! They need our total support.

Digitalization: the time to speed up is now

The unstoppable digitalization of enterprises is happening all around us. Businesses are being reinvented, rejuvenated or being freshly built by a new set of tools, technologies and ecosystem integration to leverage the digital advantage. Clearly, going digital is an irreversible trend and businesses are investing heavily to stay relevant. Digital has moved beyond strategy discussions in the boardroom, to roadmap and implementation in order to bring unique customer experiences to the front-end and drive better efficiencies at the back-end. Read more

It’s not just the data but what you can do with it that will define the winners.

Data is important. However, even more important is the critical Analytics which the data drives. Information needs to enable decision making, either through rules-based/automated decisions, or by people taking decisions based on the analytics presented to them. It is not only the zettabyte of data captured which matters, but what is done with it that defines success or failure.

IoT is gaining significant momentum. As per Cisco, 250 things will connect every second by 2020: that means 7.9 billion things will connect in 2020 alone! Read more

Symbiotic world of net will continue to drive new possibilities

Successful companies have leveraged the power of the internet to drive significant growth in their businesses. On the other hand, companies which have not embraced the opportunities created by the net or have delayed leveraging the same have disappeared. In both these categories, one can list several names. It has been a few years since the net has moved beyond being just the basic part of the infrastructure. It brings newer opportunities every single day. With the onslaught of mobile online, cloud, big data, social, etc., it also creates new service delivery models and newer ways to monetize them, while in the process, driving massive transformation yet again, across all constituents of the industry. Read more

IoT – How will it change our lives & what opportunities will it drive?

Internet became mainstream around 20 years ago and what a rapid pace of technology development we have seen over these years. Our lives have changed dramatically with the internet playing a pivotal and enabling role at work, home, leisure, for communities and governments, and just about everywhere. Every industry, every company and every one of us have benefitted from it. In more recent times, the huge momentum created by mobile smart phones has transformed us again all over again. Within this decade, smart phones will most certainly empower the massive transformation impacting each and every one of us in the world by creating new opportunities and improving our lives. Read more