Remembering Steve Jobs…

The world suddenly stopped yesterday with the stunning and deeply sad news of Steve Jobs’ death. Even though eventually death is certain, and even if doctors give up during a terminal illness, our hearts still want to go on living;

The magic of Steve Jobs

Apple is Steve Jobs. His magical and emotional connect with consumers is simply beyond compare. Steve’s intense focus on innovative products with intuitive user experience has not only charmed the world, it has created many new categories of businesses and

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Leadership… Stand up and be counted… Cricket and Anti-Corruption

April 2nd , 2011 – Around 10.45 pm, Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni hit a confident and fantastic Sixer and the entire country erupted with joy… After a gap of 28 years Indians have just again become the world cricket

Generation Y – making an impact…

Generation Y is Generation Is… Living it, experiencing it, making a mark, taking bold decisions and complete responsibilities, leveraging digital world to help them connect and driving higher level of motivation, conviction and willingness to succeed – meet Vidhya, a


Yesterday, I attended a celebratory dinner meeting with our best team of the quarter and I was not only thrilled that they really really rock but more importantly was very pleased that this team has made winning as a sustainable