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Celebrate life and create more birthdays*…

Sandeep KishoreSandeep Kishore

Listening to stories from people impacted by cancer at an event organized by American Cancer Society (Discovery Ball 2011, Chicago ) was extremely emotional and touching. They shared stories of loved and dear ones : father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, children, teacher, friend… who were affected by this dreadful disease and how this has impacted their lives. As per American Cancer Society, ACS ( last year in 2010, around 1500 people died from cancer every single day in US. It’s the number two killer disease in US (number one is heart disease). According to National Cancer Institute, NCI ( it’s estimated that 1.529 million people in US will be diagnosed with cancer in 2010… Fight with cancer is on : researchers, institutes, doctors, hospitals, govts, etc. are all fighting the battle to find a comprehensive cure, yet globally, approx. 7.5 million people died from cancer last year.

I have seen the intense fight with cancer thru a very dear friend of mine, and unfortunately we lost him two years ago…

Early detection and proper treatment is the key in cancer prevention. According to a recent report ( released by CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and NCI, there are estimated 11.7 million cancer survivors in US in 2007, which is 1.9 million more than what it was in 2001. This release also talks about… “increase in number of cancer survivors is due to many factors, including a growing aging population, early detection, improved diagnostic methods, more effective treatment, and improved clinical follow-up after treatment.”

The theme at the Discovery Ball 2011 event was rightly focused on celebrating life and creating more birthdays… built around raising awareness and to fight the cause at every level. It’s important to support and help in any shape or form that we can to be part of the solution in the community. The beautiful evening of 5th Annual Discovery Ball was very nicely organized by the Illinois Chapter of ACS and over one thousand guests, including business, philanthropic leaders and volunteers attended the event. Over the last five years, this event has raised more than $10 million in support of this extraordinary mission. Kudos and our sincere appreciation to the entire team…

It needs a lot of courage, conviction and passion to fight against this dreaded disease. Many bravely shared stories of their crusade against cancer in spite of losing their near and dear ones… going on to demonstrate their extraordinary commitment and deep personal will to support this important cause. Listening to cancer survivors, both on and off stage, was truly inspirational and hugely commendable. The evening was to support and provide hope and encouragement to all who are in midst of fighting this battle. With so much advancement in medical science and technology, I do believe that scientist and doctors will find a total cure for cancer sooner than later…

After all, it’s about celebrating life and creating more birthdays*…

* ©2011 American Cancer Society, Inc.

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