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Bergstrom to use HCL services for HVAC products

“Our understanding of products required for emerging markets like India and designing experience proved to be helpful to them.”

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Serena chooses HCL Technologies to provide end-to-end software lifecycle management

“This expanded partnership is testimony to HCL’s 360-degree relationship model with ISVs, which renders mutual benefit to both organizations. With an engineering DNA and process rigor to take over complete end-to-end software product development”.

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HCL Technologies introduces new breed SaaS service delivery platform

“Beyond executing on-demand secure services, the SaaS delivery platform is evolving to become an ecosystem to empower the end-users, tap the endless, dynamic needs of the user community and strap them to drive service innovation.”

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Zep Inc. selects HCL Technologies as implementation partner for Greenfield System including SAP® ERP Financials

“Over the past few years, HCL has set the pace for the industry by pioneering value orientation over volume delivery, a focus that has been a key ingredient of our continued leadership.”

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