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Learnings from my mother

Sandeep KishoreSandeep Kishore

Mothers day – it’s just not on the second Sunday of May each year… its celebrated every day of our lives – from the time we take our first breath onwards. Moms are always special and it’s so truly said  that since God can’t be everywhere – He created Moms… There are so many beautiful learning’s that I have got from my mom,  it’s a joy to remember and transcribe them…

Faith – religious or otherwise, that’s the cornerstone for my mom’s overall approach to life. Given that she is a very religious person and draws her strength from prayers for sure, but more important is her deep faith that even worst of the situations will eventually pass and life is too short to keep worrying – has been a tremendous learning for all of us in the family.

Trust –  beliefs and trust go hand in hand with faith. Her simple philosophy that we must trust all, and at all the times and whatever happens, happens for good and for a reason – even in adversity, has been another major learning for me. Over the years her resolve to trust more has only increased and is not driven by who is on the other side and whatever be the circumstances.. my power of positive thinking comes strongly from the trust based upbringing.

Love – giving sheer joy of unconditional love has made all of us – who we are today. The power of love that binds us, allows us to be together – even if we are in different parts of the world…

Dream – the most important element of life is to dream without boundaries or restrictions. Ability to dream big and make it happen has been the teaching I have clearly taken from her. Think big, go for the stretch, that extra mile and make it happen – are some of the key partners for making dreams come true.

Conviction, Passion and Confidence – Do whatever you do with deep conviction, passion and confidence ; do it so that you yourself feel happy,  that you have given it your best and have done with sincerity and honesty. Results will be evident.

And finally – Be Yourself ; you got to get better tomorrow than what you were yesterday, keep learning every day, knowledge is not that stops after you graduate, it  acquires a new form to teach you…

Happy Mother’s Day – Mom…..  God Bless and May all your Prayers come true…

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