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The show must go on…

Sandeep KishoreSandeep Kishore

How does life change over a period of ten days….and how after every visit to the ICU, we prayed that our dear friend recovers and recovers fast…. He was battling with second round of cancer for one year. Having won the battle first time almost a decade ago, life got ahead of him this time.  M had built a very strong will to live and tried beating odds at all time…..Having known him for a decade plus, it was his intense passion to life and strong belief in the show must go on… that defined him..

I remember many of our discussions revolving around how we have so much to cover in so little time and the immense hurry to get things done, yet he had a phenomenal eye for operational details – a rare combination…

Among many strengths, I will certainly remember M for his What you see is what you get views,  you can always get it straight from him – whether he liked what I had to say or not.  Total honesty – without any sugarcoating – always Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. It was this transparency that brought everyone to him…

Another of M’s favorite was to stretch the envelop – all the time ; self satisfaction was not his forte. Right after the completion of any project – however big or small, his characteristic introspection on how we would have it even better – why can’t we go and redo this and bring some new dimensions .. constantly asking questions and challenging everyone around…

I will miss the open chat, his views and friendship …. I will miss his sense of uneasiness that had a great charm in itself…

May his soul rest in peace and God give courage and strength to all to cope up with his absence… as he would have said…. The show must go on…

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    I had the pleasure of meeting him only a few times… but as anyone who knew him would agree… with M, once is enough to leave an indelible impression of a strong, influential spirit. I will always remember his stories of the days gone by – and his piercing clarity in the face of rampant confusion.

    May his soul rest in peace.