Books by Sandeep

Old Seeds of a New Tree

Old Seeds of a New Tree has some of the most intense poems that I have written so far. Several poems in this book are on contemporary themes, each with a different take. As with my first book, this is also a bilingual book of Hindi-English poems.

Originally written in Hindi, I have self-translated them into English for global connect. Poems, much like feelings, love, dreams, joy, aspirations and hope, are universal. They need to be shared with one and all.

I have tried to keep the core ethos of the poems similar to the original ones written in Hindi, though they may not be literal in translation.

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone

Emotions are like shadows. They are an integral part of our personality and make us who we are.

What happens if we let our shadow create its own identity?

What happens if we let the shadow walk alone?

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone is about emotions, aspirations, desires, hope, changes, expectations, pain, growing up, dreams, failures, successes and much more. It is about all of us.