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Digital and Cloud Services Leader Sandeep Kishore Joins Siris as an Executive Partner

Siris, a leading private equity firm focused on investing and driving value creation in technology and telecommunications companies, today announced that Sandeep Kishore has joined the firm as an Executive Partner. Mr. Kishore will work closely with the firm’s investment

Forbes: Enabling Culture Alignment In A Virtual Enterprise

“In many ways, we view the transition to remote work as an opportunity to fundamentally rethink, well, everything —- from hiring practices to expectations set for associates/employees, continuous engagement and learning and all the minutiae in between,” says Sandeep Kishore.

London Business School: ‘In order to change others, we needed to change ourselves’

“Relevancy is the new currency. It used to be that the client’s business plan would be relevant for at least 18 to 24 months. Now, our clients have to launch new products – go to market – faster, and plan this based on what their customers are telling them every month or quarter,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Forbes India: Digital Wave 

“The last few months have seen solutions designed to help Zensar’s customers not only tide over current times but also be prepared to recover and grow in the world.” says Sandeep Kishore.

Signs of stability in retail and strong deal pipeline marked Q1: Zensar CEO 

“We have invested into launching several new propositions tailored to help our customers remain relevant during and post the pandemic period,” said CEO Sandeep Kishore.

Cloud services driving growth for Zensar as clients invest in digital transformation projects 

“…We are seeing very good traction in the Cloud business, in the digital foundation services as well as in the hi-tech business,” said CEO Sandeep Kishore.

Coronavirus Disruption And Your Workplace In The Post-COVID World 

“…even with very low bandwidth, users still get an immersive experience. Humané works by loading anticipated modules before they’re actually needed,” said CEO Sandeep Kishore.

Zensar deal pipeline improving after Covid-19 impact 

“…The pipeline is back to around $1 billion, with 70% of that coming from digital deals,” said CEO Sandeep Kishore.

Forbes India: Opportunities Emerging from the Coronavirus Pandemic 

“Technology will provide greater visibility and predictability—meaning supply chains will be less likely to be compromised or break down in the face of a disaster,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Forbes India: Home-HQ Hybrid 

“I don’t see the old model of all employees working from office ever coming back,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Raconteur: Operational Optimisation 2020 

“People are always at the heart of any innovation. Technology is the tool and the platform, but not the solution,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Our focus is to create talent even before the market need arises: Sandeep Kishore, CEO, Zensar  

“Earlier, IT was the business; now IT is a given, and digital is table stakes in C-level conversations,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Living AI: From Potential To Practice  

“When AI solutions are designed with the human experience in mind, people will interact with them,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Digital Transformation Programs Are Leaving Workers Behind 

The lack of proper IT tools is killing the morale of white-collar and higher-level professionals in the US, according to new research from Zensar.

Zensar’s Financial Services Focus Pays Off in South Africa 

“We have done exponentially well in Africa in financial services in the Top 25 accounts by getting multiple services into the same account. We are dominant in South Africa,” says Sandeep Kishore.

LEADERS Magazine Interviews Sandeep Kishore

“Everything in the world is built around the human experience. No matter what your favorite platform is – Amazon, Disney, Uber, Airbnb, or any other platform – every platform needs to appeal to at a human level,” says Sandeep Kishore.

Zensar boss urges overhaul of SA immigration laws

“What we are seeing in the South African market is a huge movement towards digital, everybody has moved to this bandwagon. The way we are addressing opportunities in the local market is by bringing artificial intelligence (AI) in all the conversations that we are having with our clients,” Kishore explains.

One-third of business doesn’t recognize IT as a ‘value-creator,’ report finds

“When organizations realize that the digital mandate is an opportunity for all functions to come together and drive organization-wide change, then in more cases than not, the mandate will be sweeping and broad enough to cover all aspects,” said Sandeep Kishore.

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