Sandeep in the News

Offset obligation will catalyse manufacturing

“Offset is a growth driver for services”.

Aras and HCL Form Partnership to Develop Next-Generation PLM Solutions

“Innovation and Product Development are the twin pillars of HCL’s heritage […] Our investment in cutting edge solutions and focus on the environment is further advanced by this partnership.”

HCL Aegis low-cost home automation gateway supports WiFi, ZigBee, DLNA, HomePlug & more

“The AEGIS solution is part of our ongoing efforts to take a productized solution approach to provide a critical time to market advantage to our customers. We can adapt and deploy AEGIS to a broad range of use cases, which Consumer Electronic OEM’s can take to market as cutting edge products.”

InformationWeek publishes Personalization – the Future of Technology

“Personalization of technology will transform the way we work, live and commute”.

InformationWeek publishes Companies spend a trillion dollars on R&D

“Engineering and R&D services at HCL, is one of the critical part of our business strategy from a growth perspective.”

“By joining this prestigious network of innovative companies and designing embedded devices with TI products and solutions, we are enabling our customers to leverage the best of both Tl’s and HCL’s products and designs”.

HCL scouts for R&D firms in Europe

“Acquisitions will be one of our main engines of growth. Customers want local delivery capability and we are exploring companies of different sizes to build capacity in Europe”.

Engineering services outsourcing coming into its own

“Engineering services outsourcing is slowly moving out of the traditional IT shadows and standing on its own”.

HCL wins $50 million engineering contract

“With more than three decades’ of experience helping large corporations address complex engineering environments, HCL integrates the right capabilities and business models to ensure organizations […] establish a competitive advantage”.

Suppliers find safety a hard sell

“There is no mandatory requirement for vision technology. The moment that comes, it will be just a matter of time before vision technology will be as prevalent as AM/FM”.

HCL works with Rockwell Automation to improve MES

“Manufacturers worldwide are under increasing pressure to gain better insight into their manufacturing operations and increase their overall competitiveness.”

HCL Tech, UTi ink IT contract

“It’s a significant relationship as it’s a transformation-led integrated applications and infrastructure deal that deepens HCL’s credibility.”

HCL Tech, UTi ink IT contract

“It’s a significant relationship as it’s a transformation-led integrated applications and infrastructure deal that deepens HCL’s credibility.”

Bergstrom to use HCL services for HVAC products

“Our understanding of products required for emerging markets like India and designing experience proved to be helpful to them.”

Serena chooses HCL Technologies to provide end-to-end software lifecycle management

“This expanded partnership is testimony to HCL’s 360-degree relationship model with ISVs, which renders mutual benefit to both organizations. With an engineering DNA and process rigor to take over complete end-to-end software product development”.

HCL Technologies introduces new breed SaaS service delivery platform

“Beyond executing on-demand secure services, the SaaS delivery platform is evolving to become an ecosystem to empower the end-users, tap the endless, dynamic needs of the user community and strap them to drive service innovation.”

Zep Inc. selects HCL Technologies as implementation partner for Greenfield System including SAP® ERP Financials

“Over the past few years, HCL has set the pace for the industry by pioneering value orientation over volume delivery, a focus that has been a key ingredient of our continued leadership.”

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