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Sandeep Kishore

Founder & CEO, Agivant Technologies | Board Director, Advisor, Mentor, Author, Poet, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor

Sandeep is the Founder, CEO of Agivant Technologies, a new age AI First Digital and Cloud Engineering Services company.

Sandeep is a key strategist, proven CEO, trusted board director, highly effective coach and mentor, bold thinker and innovator, awesome team builder, an entrepreneur and a high performance global business leader.

Sandeep was an Executive Partner at Siris Capital Group, a leading private equity till Jan 2023. Throughout his three decades of leadership in business and technology, Sandeep has created disruptive and high-impact transformational businesses with great success, delivering significant stakeholder returns.

Earlier, Sandeep was the CEO & Managing Director of Zensar Technologies, and the Group Management Board at RPG Enterprises from 2016 to 2021. Sandeep shaped a bold turnaround of Zensar from a legacy IT company to a relevant and100% living digital enterprise. Under Sandeep’s leadership, Zensar accomplished significant milestones. Zensar’s digital transformation has the distinct honor of being featured as a case study by both Harvard Business School (2018) and London Business School (2020). With Sandeep at the helm, Zensar grew to be $600+ million revenue company with global talent of over 10,000 people. Digital business increased to 60+% of Zensar’s total business, up from under 10%, during these five years. Under Sandeep’s leadership, new age Digital and Cloud business grew at 55% and Core IT business grew at 15% CAGR, respectively.

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Sandeep Kishore interviewed at IIT Bombay's Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

Sandeep Kishore interviewed at IIT Bombay, November 2018

Sandeep Kishore, CEO and MD, Zensar shares his outlook on the IT sector trends on CNBC TV 18

Sandeep Kishore interviewed on CNBC TV18, September 2020

Sandeep Kishore, CEO & MD, Zensar on CNBC TV18 Forbes India One CEO Club

Sandeep Kishore interviewed on CNBC TV18, November 2019

Sandeep in the News

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Books by Sandeep

Old Seeds of a New Tree

Old Seeds of a New Tree has some of the most intense poems that I have written so far. Several poems in this book are on contemporary themes, each with a different take.

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone

Emotions are like shadows. They are an integral part of our personality and make us who we are.
What happens if we let our shadow create its own identity?

Har Asha Foundation

Har Asha Foundation believes in enabling people, enabling the world.

At Har Asha Foundation, we believe that every hope needs to be nurtured, every hope needs a chance and every hope needs an opportunity to become real.

Har Asha Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization that is focused on creating opportunities to enable people and drive positive impact, one contribution at a time.

Har Asha Foundation donates and promotes charitable causes in social, educational, literary, scientific and other related sectors.

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