Year: 2011

2011 – The year of People Power

Globally, if there is one element that stands out during 2011, it has to be People Power. Activism at the grassroots level around the world clearly set a new benchmark in recent times, with unprecedented levels of people’s involvement in

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HCL Global Meet 2011

The recently concluded 6th HCL Global Meet ( in Orlando, Florida was themed around “I have an idea”, and what a fantastic meet it turned out to be. Over a thousand CXOs, business, IT, engineering and industry leaders attended the

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Remembering Steve Jobs…

The world suddenly stopped yesterday with the stunning and deeply sad news of Steve Jobs’ death. Even though eventually death is certain, and even if doctors give up during a terminal illness, our hearts still want to go on living;

US school education: long way to go

Any country’s long term growth and competitiveness has a direct dependency on the quality of its students in its schools. In spite of the major red flag that US high school students are falling behind compared to their global counterparts,

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9/11: a decade after

As my flight took off from San Francisco to Frankfurt yesterday, Sept. 11 2011, I remembered the fateful day a decade ago which changed US and the world forever… The first time I heard about the Twin Tower attack by

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The magic of Steve Jobs

Apple is Steve Jobs. His magical and emotional connect with consumers is simply beyond compare. Steve’s intense focus on innovative products with intuitive user experience has not only charmed the world, it has created many new categories of businesses and

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The swell of Innovation waves

Ignore innovation at your own risk or peril. Highly successful companies have the unique ability to continually leverage the innovation band wagon, irrespective of whether they have created the discontinuity or not. The tsunami caused by delay, avoidance or ignorance

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Convergence – bringing life together

Given that your smart phone can be used to control your car, make payments for your shopping, or work as an entertainment device, convergence is certainly closer to us than we think. Devices are becoming platforms rather than point products;

Celebrate life and create more birthdays*…

Listening to stories from people impacted by cancer at an event organized by American Cancer Society (Discovery Ball 2011, Chicago ) was extremely emotional and touching. They shared stories of loved and dear ones : father, mother, brother, sister, husband,

Leadership… Stand up and be counted… Cricket and Anti-Corruption

April 2nd , 2011 – Around 10.45 pm, Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni hit a confident and fantastic Sixer and the entire country erupted with joy… After a gap of 28 years Indians have just again become the world cricket

Culture of innovation in the emerging economies

The need for innovation from the emerging economies is well established. 70% of the incremental GDP growth expected over the next ten years will come from there. If the future of incremental growth is with the emerging economies , it’s only

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Generation Y – making an impact…

Generation Y is Generation Is… Living it, experiencing it, making a mark, taking bold decisions and complete responsibilities, leveraging digital world to help them connect and driving higher level of motivation, conviction and willingness to succeed – meet Vidhya, a

Much needed… Start-up America

The recent announcement by President Obama in creating the “Start-up America Partnership” is a great step in re-emphasizing that one of the most important and core element of economic growth is through creating an environment of significantly increasing the investments

Parallel lines meeting? Time to zoom ahead…

The standard knowledge on parallel lines is that they meet only at infinity. Rarely do we question what is normally seen to be the basic fact. Do we ever stop to ask the question – are they parallel lines in