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Digital – A Practitioner’s View

UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business has recently published a case study titled, HCL’s Digital Open Innovation: Enhancing Business Model Effectiveness through Talent and Customer Acquisition, Development, and Retention. The case study is a practitioner’s view of the digital

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The making of e2 – Engineering Experiences

Engineering, as defined by Wikipedia, “is the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes.” It sounds convoluted and complicated, does it not? What can we

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Frost & Sullivan and HCL Engineering Excellence Awards 2012

Last week (Sept. 11, 2012), during the GIL (Growth Innovation and Leadership) event in San Jose, California, we had the great fortune to participate and present the Frost & Sullivan and HCL Engineering Excellence Awards to our customers. The Award

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O2+ : League of Champions

I attended the HCL O2+ event in Sunnyvale, CA earlier this week. It was a great occasion which recognized Outstanding Performers who have consistently performed at extraordinary levels and worked extensively hard over the years. What intrigued me was meeting

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HCL Global Meet 2011

The recently concluded 6th HCL Global Meet (www.unstructure.org) in Orlando, Florida was themed around “I have an idea”, and what a fantastic meet it turned out to be. Over a thousand CXOs, business, IT, engineering and industry leaders attended the

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