The making of e2 – Engineering Experiences

The making of e2 – Engineering Experiences

Engineering, as defined by Wikipedia, “is the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes.”

It sounds convoluted and complicated, does it not? What can we do to change this complex perception and provide a different point of view to the idea of engineering? How do you make engineering emotional, aspirational, social, understable, fun and widely connected?

While brainstorming over this opportunity to explore experiential engineering, we sought the answer to the fundamental purpose of engineering. We asked for ideas and opinions from thousands in our engineering team and the responses were phenomenal. We gathered a gamut of engineering aspects, and key to them all was the connection with people. That, as much of engineering is about quant, analytics, logic and structured approach to problem solving, it is equally as much about the curiosity, awareness and responsiveness in people seeking solutions to unsolved issues. There is an emotional aspect that drives our engineers to find creativity in their arduous journey of problem solving. When asked what is most satifying to our engineers, we discovered that many are driven by a deep-rooted element of providing joy and satisfaction to the end user. Whether they are working on the next generation of planes, cars, medical or consumer devices, they strive to develop products with an essence of delivering phenomenal experiences.

Engineering impacts our daily lives much more than we notice – everything and everywhere around us are technology products which make us more effective, knowledgeable, healthy, connected, safe, and more. Engineering and technology allow us to be who we are, to do what gives us most joy, to explore and inspire us to keep looking for solutions which will drive a better tomorrow.

For centuries, engineers have built unforgettable monuments such as the Pantheon, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower and many more, which even today, stand testimony of their conviction to captivate design and elegance. Engineers amazed the world by enabling Neil Armstrong to land on the moon, and ultimately shape the lives of people in every possible way. More recently, Apple’s engineers and designers created the ubiquitous iPhones and iPads which have changed the face of several industries.

Engineering is not only about product features and functionalities, but also about integrating them so well into the experience that they intuitively become part of our lives. Phenomenal product experiences connect with people by drawing reactions and emotional responses, while the product engineering and ecosystem appear pervasively simple. Phenomenal experiences also build great brands.

We created the Engineering Experiences video for those who envision creating the next generation of products and technologies to connect, enrich and enable people in their lives. Let’s continue to innovate and celebrate the spirit of engineering where the possibilities are endless.