Year: 2008

2008 – Look back and Dream Ahead

2008 will be known as the year of all round mess in the economy and bail-outs – Banking and Financial Institutions leading the downward spiral, the sub-prime mess, credit crunch, irregularities and scandals ; housing crisis adding to the level

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My Heart Goes for Mumbai

It’s now over 2 days and what’s happening in Mumbai, may as well change the way the world will look in times to come. My heart goes out to all the people who have died in this terrorist attack including

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Consolidation will be Mainstream now

I had talked about Consolidation being one of the main themes in IT Strategic Sourcing couple of weeks back. The last 5+ weeks of development in the financial worlds, have started to show its impact to the rest of the

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The 3 Cs of New Trends in IT Services

Like All Hands on the deck, Enterprise companies are putting everything on the table when planning the next phase of IT Strategic Sourcing. There are some early indicators on 3 main theme that are likely to become more prominent as

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Key Themes in IT Strategic Sourcing

I participated in a panel discussion in Denver in Aug 08, organized by CSIA and shared my views on four key themes that are emerging in IT strategic sourcing discussions – Collaboration, Community, Governance and Results, In short lets call

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