Year: 2010

Fed’s action on $ 600 Billion – a view point

“No Nation should assume that their path to prosperity is simply paved with exports to America.” – Mr. Obama’s statement at the recently concluded G20 Summit at Seoul may simply be a bit late. As the power of emerging economies

Courage and Conviction – Salute 33

23 days and counting… May be another 3-4 months before any ray of sunlight touches them and they meet with their loved ones… holed up 2250 feet below the earth surface… I salute the trapped 33 Chilean miners – all

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Indian Engineering and R&D Services Industry

Indian Engineering and R&D (ER&D) is coming off age and doing so far more rapidly now to create its own identity within the overall IT segment. Engineering and R&D Services is a ~ $10 B industry and approx 20% of

US Jobs

Read a thought provoking article written by “Only the Paranoid Survive” Andy Grove in the recent issue of Business Week ( July 5th, 2010) on “How to make an American Job”. I must say, it’s an intense depiction of

WEF Europe – key observations

Participating at World Economic Forum (WEF)  Europe at Brussels early this month ( May 10/11) was quiet an experience. It’s a phenomenal platform for global leaders from govt., public, social, business etc. to come together to share their experience, express

The Journey Continues…

It was like this over 25 years ago when I did a similar journey with my father… the one that I have just completed with my son…. first trip to the university, where I would join and spend next 4

Risk-Reward Partnership – Some Key Attributes

Risk-Reward (R2) partnership has caught on to be among the key discussions in the Global IT services business – more so in the Engineering and R&D services wrt technology and product companies. Having implemented this over the last couple of years

Global Indian Citizen

Last week ( Jan 9th, 2010 ), Time of India carried out an article on the statement made by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India , “Addressing the 8th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Singh said, “I recognize the legitimate desire

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