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US Election 2020 Gives Us Normalcy and Predictability — Exactly What We Need

What a sight for sore eyes it has been to see happy crowds dancing in the streets, impromptu parades of cars honking in jubilation, and people exhibiting downright joy upon learning the 2020 election results. Citizens in San Francisco, New

Students Set an Example of Integrity in Face of Gun Violence

Last Friday, a colleague’s son was in lockdown at his high school in Austin, Texas. He was sitting against the wall with his peers in pitch dark. No one moved or talked. Later he relayed his thoughts to his mother

Rejuvenation of US Manufacturing – an opportunity to reinvent

As per The Wall Street Journal, “The improving prospects for the (US) manufacturing sector — which is so large, it would be the world’s ninth-largest economy if it were a country — are becoming a hot topic.” News about manufacturing

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US school education: long way to go

Any country’s long term growth and competitiveness has a direct dependency on the quality of its students in its schools. In spite of the major red flag that US high school students are falling behind compared to their global counterparts,

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Much needed… Start-up America

The recent announcement by President Obama in creating the “Start-up America Partnership” is a great step in re-emphasizing that one of the most important and core element of economic growth is through creating an environment of significantly increasing the investments

US Jobs

Read a thought provoking article written by “Only the Paranoid Survive” Andy Grove in the recent issue of Business Week ( July 5th, 2010) on “How to make an American Job”. I must say, it’s an intense depiction of

Nationalized Life – What’s the alternative

How does the world change and change so fast. From a free economy in US, where Govt had very little role to play other than setting rules and regulations ; to a time, that would not leave too many options