Nationalized Life – What’s the alternative

How does the world change and change so fast. From a free economy in US, where Govt had very little role to play other than setting rules and regulations ; to a time, that would not leave too many options but to let them be responsible for running some of the largest companies in the world ; its is going to be an intense couple of years ahead.

Choices are very difficult – on one hand it’s a question of letting some of the biggest American brands survive with not only Govt Bailout but also virtually taking over substantial part of their paid up capital and on the other hand letting them collapse, as on their own there is hardly any other option left. It’s a question of American Pride with some of the biggest corporate brands like Citibank, AIG, General Motors – as without Govt support they will simply not come out of the woods. And on another hand, it’s a question of following the free market philosophy that has made US the place it is known for – entrepreneurial – where you can achieve it all – if you can dream…

Govt has its role and a job to do – among its biggest focus is to provide Infrastructure, drive highest level of primary and higher education, provide affordable and quality healthcare, focus on energy independence, drive national and international security etc. These functions have to be led by the Govt and supported by commercial enterprises. Times like now, Govt has a choice to make, do they want to run Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Companies ? and move away from whats core to being the Govt.

Learning from the past is critical and key to ensure that Govt’s responsibility is not only to set rules but also ensure strict compliance, timely intervention and create a new way of managing risk in the ecosystem as well – so that we donot get into situations like these again. Going back to the foundation of entrepreneurship and converting free run enterprises to Govt entities is not a solution. Effective management should drive a new kind of Public Private Partnership and that should be a fresh way forward. A collaboration that provides the platform for all to excel, keep the spirit of America alive and at the same time look at managing risk to ensure that life does not reset itself…

2 comments on “Nationalized Life – What’s the alternative
  1. grimescene says:

    Completely agree! During the great depression of the 1930s, detractors of capitalism were writing premature obits for “western way of life”. Well, the depression ended, and the western way of life has prevailed…and brought us to where we are today, along with the good and the bad. Goverment intervention was necessary, even if just to justify the definition of Government. But the solution still lies in the innovation that capitalist forces are capable of. I am confident when this is all over, the western way of life will prevail again.

  2. artiashok says:

    Free run enterprises are the roots for innovation. Are we still the frontier or loosing the ground? Hope not…