Leadership… Stand up and be counted… Cricket and Anti-Corruption

April 2nd , 2011 – Around 10.45 pm, Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni hit a confident and fantastic Sixer and the entire country erupted with joy… After a gap of 28 years Indians have just again become the world cricket champions at ICC World Cup 2011. Congratulations India, what a win, throughout the tournament India played like Champs…

50+% of the Indian population were not even born when India lifted the 1983 World Cup. Youth power was at display on the ground on April 2nd with the Indian cricket team, and also on the streets across the entire nation, in every nook and corner where the celebration brought them together with intense joy, and the sky was lit up with fire-crackers all around the country. Cricket is the first love for every Indian around the world and with a champion win like this it certainly brings every Indian together. This win has lifted the aspirations of the country, ability to take on new challenges and make a difference. It has brought the nation together and has given a common voice to everyone – if you can dream it, you can achieve it as well. Like in the final match at the world cup, Gen Next took charge and delivered the victory thru a great combination of a team work that’s par excellence. Every part of the team delivered. Faith, Focus and Self belief are always the pillars for such classic success.

April 7th, 2011 – It’s Day 3 of fast-unto-death for Anna Hazare, renowned Indian social leader. India has now moved on to focus on a much larger cause: a nation that’s charging ahead with optimism and enthusiasm, a nation that’s among the top 2 fastest growing economies in the world, a nation that has 50% people who are under the age of 25 and have shown tremendous urge to change and take charge; simply can’t achieve its full potential with the level of corruption that exists in the system today. It must be cleaned up, and that too, fast. Salutation to Anna Hazare to take up this huge cause and bring attention to the entire country thru his Gandhian style fast-unto-death, that hopefully will bring intense focus and pressure on the Govt to act. It will also rejuvenate the nation to fight this menace decisively. Could this be India’s Egyptian moment? Change does not only mean regime change… It also means to get rid of some systematic issues like corruption that’s holding back the full potential of a country like India. It was heartening to see so many youth of India with their families coming out in support of this movement. This cause is huge enough, much like and even greater than the World Cup win to galvanize the country and make a big and positive difference. Let’s all support this movement to a new world… A new India.