Remembering Steve Jobs…

The world suddenly stopped yesterday with the stunning and deeply sad news of Steve Jobs’ death. Even though eventually death is certain, and even if doctors give up during a terminal illness, our hearts still want to go on living; hoping that some miracle will come along and rejuvenate the lives of loved and dear ones.

Rarely in recent times has one person reached the iconic level of touching billions of lives so intensely. Steve Jobs’ bold innovation across so many product categories, which were earlier filled with routine devices, caught the fancy of global audiences. What was originally a cult during the early Apple days, has since created new definition of global mainstream dominance through amazingly beautiful products. iPods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes and MacBooks have become lifelines for many of us many times over in the last couple of years.

What an impact Steve Jobs has created over the last decade: it’s like living through a century of transformation nicely packed in less than ten years. We all wait discernibly for the next release of Apple product launches with childlike curiosity, and love waiting in line outside Apple stores to be among the first to get the next iPhone or iPad; much like waiting in line for the new Harry Porter movies. The charisma of Steve Jobs through his stylish products, which are so simple and intuitive to use, has re-defined the computing and consumer industries. No one else made you fall in love with a consumer and technology product like the way Steve Jobs did.

Billions of people globally felt emotionally connected to Steve Jobs through his passion for changing the world with his ideas and products. It was his unique vision and gut wrenching strength which always challenged the conventional thinking in whatever he touched.

To remember Steve Jobs is to be inspired by his fearless and innovative thinking that always had the best and most heartfelt likeable combination of technology, art and people. To remember Steve Jobs is to keep changing the world one step at a time by being different and by taking chances… Even though Steve Jobs is gone, his ideas, innovation and ability to think differently will continue to inspire the world for many, many years to come…

2 comments on “Remembering Steve Jobs…
  1. damnhobsons says:

    Even though I have not always understood or agreed with Apple’s business and technology ideals… Steve Jobs was a true visionary our generation. Now that he is not around, the best weapon that a post-Jobs Apple Inc. has in its arsenal is his legacy. Now whenever they are faced with challenges or critical decisions all they have to do is ask themselves “What would have Steve done?”. The only trouble with that would be is that most people will never have the clarity of vision and purpose that Steve Jobs had. He is truly irreplaceable.

  2. Would have been nice if what Steve had wished upon himself, during the famous Stanford commemoration speech, of not wanting to confront death for another two decades had come true. I hope Apple continues to build on the nonpareil momentum that Steve helped create in that organization.