Let’s Raise the Aspirations in the New Year… Again

Let’s Raise the Aspirations in the New Year… Again

Human aspirations know no bounds and have the ability to rise again and again, many times in spite of the odds. History is full of examples where the power of a group of people with a significant cause has the ability to move the mightiest. Three years ago, people of several Middle Eastern countries drove massive political changes through the Arab Spring movement. Asking for such transformational, once-in-a-life-time changes or even adapting to them is never easy. There is no quick fix to such fundamental shifts as they evolve through a painful step-by-step process. Yet, the ‘never say die’ attitude in people around the world and their willingness to endure the ensuing pain is so that their view of tomorrow is better than what they see for today. It is the aspiration of people to be part of the process of change for the better which keeps them going.

Earlier this month, we saw the huge momentum of raised aspirations in Delhi, India where people voted Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP party to power. Fed up with deep rooted and systematic corruption across the board, the promise of a clean system should Mr. Kejriwal’s party come to power, gave new hope to people. It raised their aspirations and provided a new and cleaner vision of a better tomorrow for everyone. Their hopes to see change and the promise of a clean up implemented was so intense that a majority of them asked Mr. Kejriwal to form the government in a post-poll follow up, in spite of him falling short of an absolute majority. No-one wants their efforts and hopes for transformational and positive change to go to waste. Nearly 100,000 people attended the swearing-in ceremony for Mr. Kejriwal as the new Chief Minister of Delhi. A friend of mine who was on the ground with this massive crowd summarized the feeling, “Now we know what it would have been [like] to attend the freedom rally in 1947, when India became independent.”

Aspirations have new wings and people’s determination now has new meaning.

Change is never easy nor is massive transformation quick. Looking for and creating a better tomorrow is basic human instinct which people yearn. People fight for significant causes with tremendous self-belief and convictions, and although they do not expect magic to happen overnight, the journey of change keeps their dreams going.

Once again, it is time to dream, to live and to create a better tomorrow.

Let’s raise the aspirations in the new year. Wish You All a Wonderful, Happy and Healthy New Year 2014…

1 Comment on “Let’s Raise the Aspirations in the New Year… Again

  1. Overwhelming Demands ?

    You bet !

    Looking at the crowds shouting their demands outside Arvind Kejriwal’s residence , you would think , people of Delhi have unlimited arrears of problems

    Individuals and groups are trooping in from far and wide , demanding :

    > Better physical services ( Power / Water / Homes / Transport )

    > Jobs ( Permanency / Removal of Contract System / New jobs )

    > Reservations / Abolitions / Implementations / Resignations

    > Admissions / Legalizations / Transfers / Rise in Auto fares

    > Roll back of CNG Prices / Reduction of Vegetable prices

    > Security / Loans / Pensions

    The list goes on and on

    Only problem

    Whereas demands are ” Unlimited ” , resources ( Manpower + Money + Systems ) are ” Limited ” !

    Hence Arvind will need to evolve a simple method to evaluate the ” IMPORTANCE ” and the ” URGENCY ” of these demands

    He may want to devise an online form or , like last time , print and distribute 50 lakh forms , which only need to be ticked , as in a multiple choice questionnaire

    Then , on a scale of 1- 5 , invite people of Delhi to score each demand on the following criteria :

    How does this problem affect ?

    > Economic Status ( Rich / Middle Class / Poor )

    > Geographic Coverage ( Posh Area / Middle class locality / Slums )

    > Gender ( Male / Female / Both )

    > Age ( Old people / Middle Age / Children )

    > Coverage ( Entire population / Majority / One Community only )

    > Nature ( Political / Social / Economic )

    > Character ( Establish Equity / Reduce Disparity / Speed up Justice )

    > Scope ( Job Creation / Health / Education / Corruption Removal )

    > Time Frame ( Crisis Situation / Urgent / Can wait )

    Then display the demands in the descending order of ” PERCENTILE SCORES ” – so people get to know what will get attended to and when

    For AAP , with its inclination for seeking people’s opinion through ” STRUCTURED STATISTICAL SURVEYS ” , devising such a transparent and easily understood ” PROCESS ” , cannot be a big deal

    Incidentally , no individual problem / demand should be included in the survey

    Carrying out such a pilot , ” SOCIO – ECONOMIC – POLITICAL ” experiment can take our democracy to the grass-root level and give the people a sense of participation in solving their own problems

    At the same time , people will be made aware that ,

    > Resources are limited

    > All demands cannot be attended simultaneously

    > Injustice of past 15 years cannot be undone in the next 15 days

    * hemen parekh ( 31 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )