Fighting Back and Growing Up

Traveling and meeting so many people is always a treasure hunt experience for me, more so when the macro-economic condition and overall growth of industry is not handsome and in many cases reasonably bad. Looking for silver linings and signs of celebration and vibrancy is the treasure – these are the gold nuggets that define the spirit and belief that eventually we will come out of the current economic situation and we must continue and focus on what will take us there in the shortest possible time.

Fighting back and growing up is the key that defines the emotional state for many of us. One of the most effective ways I have seen and practiced is to ensure that I draw only the positive energy from the external eco-system..and keep off the financial mess from the emotional and thinking integrity. Celebrate every little win – which you would have ignored under normal circumstances…do more hi-fives to keep the spirit of winning going…smile more often to keep the charge on…. Learn something positive from everyone around you… all are trying to contribute and help in keeping the engine running .. we got to believe that no one likes to be in this mess… even though most don’t know how, when and in what shape or form will the recovery happen – incl. the Feds and Govts of all the powerful economies in the world.. yet… all are focused on revving up the growth back..

Smart people and companies will innovate, create new products, services and markets and will certainly take advantage of the same environment, that is causing issues with many others. For most, the real art is how to manage cost of current operations and yet keep the next generation growth focus that will drive new thinking. Combination of innovation, entrepreneurship and free market will define the next sets of growth. I certainly hope that with so much of Fed / Govt sponsored funds and bailout – they will not become the execution arm as well and slow the free market and entrepreneurial culture, the bedrock of growth and vibrancy.

There are no bankruptcies for innovation and forward thinking and it’s always a great pleasure and learning to see future winners investing and creating new markets in several emerging areas including green, mobility, cloud computing, social networking, biotech, nano technologies etc.. There is no better time to fight, lift up and get the growth back….

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