Power of Self Within

Jan 09 – another 600 K job lost in US, last 12 months have seen more than 3.6 M jobs going away. Unemployment rate in US at 7.6% is at its 20 year high level. G8 has never seen this cumulative decline of their fortunes. Pick up the newspaper or browse the web and you will usually come across the struggling inputs from Global Govts to States trying to start the economic engine that has come to a grinding halt – over the last 5-6 months. Unlike the back dated stock scandals that shook Corporate America, back dated recession of 12 months ( announced in Dec 08 that it started in Dec 07 !! ) was accepted without any surprise – as if we always knew it !!! 2009 forecast by the global economic pundits are nothing that gives any positive indications, now all are also shy of predicting any quick turnaround as well !! Most are consistent that it will go down some (!!) more before it turns around. Key Question that one has to ask is how do you keep a positive outlook when all what you see around is so much of unpleasantness and stress…

That’s where Power of Self Within becomes one of the most effective ways to draw positive energy. It’s the time to look within and create an engine of self-charge. We got to start the fission power – Create an environment that drives a positive way of looking in and searching out…. It’s a well said secret – you will find what you look for !! ….We must look for any meaningful element of positivity and cherish… It’s the frame of thinking … that counts. The world is still inventing… rate may have slowed down.. yet cycles of innovation and celebration must continue. It’s the single most important aspect that will also help all of us get out of the current situation as well.

Its not going to be easy to do this… but then the times are neither easy nor was known to be like this even 6 months back… Be Positive, Think beyond the obvious, Enjoy every little good news, Celebrate and Smile… Its all in the Power of Self Within

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4 comments on “Power of Self Within
  1. shameek says:

    Well written. One of few articles/blogs with a positive message!!!

  2. kanchandas says:

    These are different times and one activity that takes precedence is self analysis and re-skilling/skill enhancement. I notice that a lot of Americans are indulging in such activities in their own way. E.g. the community library that I am a member of, I notice that there are lot more people there, picking up books or browsing content on the internet. I spoke to someone, who told me that he was in construction industry earlier and wanted to know more about where he should start if he wanted to get a foothold in the IT industry. Keeping in mind the stimulus bill passed by the Obama government, I guess people would need to keep their eyes and ears open and skill themselves in areas where the job openings would provide them the earning opportunities. On a lighter note, my son came back from school and said that during their discussion of the effect of job losses, he had commented that the best way of handling the situation would be for the people with jobs distributing their wealth with the people who hadn’t. He assumes that this would restore equilibrium. He would be a hit with the socialist govt back home ;-).

  3. artiashok says:

    Good article to read and boost our faith in US govenment and within.

  4. ravipattamatta says:

    Excellent blog with a strong message. The power of this positive energy is in it’s multiplier value. Positive energy is contagious too.
    A smile gets a smile back. A radiant positive person does play the role in catalyzing the ecosystem. You need a lighted candle to light other candles and it all starts within.