Reflections and Dreams

December 31st,
time to reflect back
and dream ahead!

Thank you
for being with me
family, friends and
all those
who had faith
to walk along
those unknown
difficult roads
and others
who silently blessed
the time travelled.

for the warmth
of hug
the words spoken
and the ones felt
the healing touch
the gentle smile
the belief
the conviction.

is why
we have come this far
you define the courage
you make it happen
you are the music
you are the song.

Dreams of tomorrow
to aspire, to rise
to give, to love
to observe, to learn
to seek deep questions
than just the answers.

To get inspired
new ideas
new thoughts
new possibilities
more & more
why not
just the why.

A sense of
higher purpose
to stay curious
to dream the dream
to always find
better and different paths
that beacon and shine
the ones
that look for you,
Always !

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