RoD NeXT: Unlocking Exponential Value Today for Enterprises of Tomorrow

Enterprises across the globe are quickly scaling their businesses to deliver exponential value from the investments in technology and digital programs. There is a greater premium among companies to explore new channels that widen growth sources and accelerate business. Leaders across organizations are adopting digital platforms that enable disruptive business impact.

Over the last few years, Zensar has invested significantly in its digital portfolio with a complete focus on delivering significant business impact to its customers.

At Zensar, we established an early-mover’s advantage in this exciting digital journey through a radical approach. Before we went out to evangelize capabilities in helping customers achieve enhanced business impact through digital transformation, we presented them with proof of our concept — Zensar itself as a living digital organization.

Return on Digital®

Zensar foresaw this rapid transformation and invested in an overarching Return on Digital® (ROD) platform and solutions. ROD is about creating tangible and sustainable business impact by providing full potential of business value at scale. Our Return on Digital® platform enables enterprise transformation across three phases, namely: establishing stability of core systems, digital crossover across the business processes and gaining agility and experience through digital tools. Return on Digital® focuses on four key priorities across all businesses: engaging digital, operating digital, managing digital and partnering digital.

Utilizing these in-house built platforms, Zensar enhances the customer experience through quicker transactions and deployment of intuitive recommendation engines, which serve relevant products and services even before the consumer can ask. Zensar’s crossover services comprise the ability to provide cloud, cybersecurity, containerization and modernization of applications and infrastructures. Zensar’s core systems component provides a back-end system marked by systemic security, availability, stability and efficiency with cloud orchestration.

Zensar has built a comprehensive digital landscape for Zensar associates, customers and partners. We have digitized 50+ business processes with 30+ mobile and cloud-first digital platforms in the past two-plus years to build robust and agile internal systems and be future-ready before our customers needed us to do the same for their organizations. This was achieved by digitally managed mobile dashboards driven by analytics, hybrid cloud and secure systems. From enabling employees to directly connect with their CEO to digital decision-making for CXOs to knowledge-sharing across the organization to idea crowdsourcing and much more, we have brought every process to native mobile, cloud and digital – available anywhere, anytime.

Toward making the next and disruptive leap in delivering scale to an enterprise, Zensar has launched RoD NeXT – Return on Digital, with New and Exponential Technologies.

The RoD framework helps deliver value through optimization of existing business models or by creating new ones diving into the digital transformation agenda, while NeXT introduces new technologies that help create exponential enterprise value.

RoD NeXT focuses on establishing human experience, artificial intelligence and smart platforms in client organizations to constantly innovate and create disruptive impact for competitive advantage.

Digital disruption powered by RoD NeXT brings in disruption across the workforce and business processes, realigning the strategy of the organization. Disruption emerges out of rapid experimentation and executing multiple programs concurrently. Earlier adoptions of digital have often been done with the peripheral integration of new technologies. The new wave of disruptive change, however, comes from the steady maturing of these technologies in the past few years and driving their implementation at the core of the digital business, fundamentally challenging status quo with people, processes and strategy.

RoD NeXT – New and Exponential Technologies

The next wave of differentiation will occur with the adoption of exponential technologies. For a technology to be exponential, it either has to double in performance or reduce costs by half. Sustainable exponential technologies are those that are helping solve today’s business challenges in new ways which were previously not possible. AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR /VR, Nanotech, Autonomous vehicles and Robotics are examples of exponential technologies.

Zensar’s ROD NeXT is built on 3 key tenets:

1. Human Experience

RoD NeXT solutions present superior UI and frictionless UX integrated with artificial intelligence, enabling more efficient and proactive decision-making.

A side effect of ever-increasing digitization is the proliferation of choice one has, with increasing number of decisions reducing the ability to make the right ones, leading to what is called decision fatigue. Hence, the future of design is around building interfaces that can anticipate needs of the user and thereby reduce the number of decisions to make. This essentially requires integrating AI and UI for an outcome that is pleasant in nature and further enhances the experience of the user. ROD NeXT helps prototype the future for the enterprise, involving UX measurement, design thinking and evidence-driven creativity.

2. Artificial Intelligence

RoD NeXT leverages three types of intelligence engines. The simplest level of automation is to eliminate repetitive tasks and thereby improve productivity and provide positive experiences. Such tasks are usually rule-driven and can be easily built using rule-based systems like RPA. Next are engines that can automatically identify repeating patterns from the data that is shown to them. These engines use machine learning algorithms to build models that describe recurring patterns and predict actions/outcomes when new data with similar patterns arise. The highest and most complex systems are the ones that use inferencing techniques to suggest new outcomes, such as deep learning systems that paint or write new ML algorithms.

3. Smart Platforms

Autonomic computing is a self-managing computing model named after, and patterned on, the human body’s autonomic nervous system. As we move to the next wave of digitization, our expectation will be to have all systems work seamlessly with minimal human intervention. RoD NeXT is capable of high-level functioning while keeping the system’s complexity invisible to the user. These platforms process and correlate real-time environmental data arriving from the infrastructure then take appropriate action to self-regulate. This shift from technical systems to ecosystem-enabling platforms is laying the foundation of completely new ways of doing business, bridging the gap between humans and technology.

RoD NeXT, for Human Centric AI

Systems of intelligence are most likely to make an exponential impact if they are built for acceptability by the users and are tuned to provide phenomenal human experience. Human-centric AI, by enabling better modes of human-compute collaboration, can help both in terms of long-term strategic positioning and short-term business benefits.

RoD NeXT solutions leverage AI engines to build models, natural language understanding techniques and deep learning networks to deliver personalized and intuitive augmented experiences to users via a variety of visual-, speech- or gesture-based interfaces. The bedrock of these solutions are self-aware digital platforms that leverage disruptive technologies for exponential benefits. Data is key to delivering all AI-powered experiences and hence RoD NeXT solutions are built to seamlessly ingest, process and manage all forms of data in an enterprise.

Welcome to ROD NeXT!