Yesterday, I attended a celebratory dinner meeting with our best team of the quarter and I was not only thrilled that they really really rock but more importantly was very pleased that this team has made winning as a sustainable behavior, always exploring the right way to win…..I am so very proud of each and every member across functions and lines of business and locations.. Great show and keep the winning attitude on…

The elements of winning have been taught, discussed, debated and written many times by experts, its key that we keep this in perspective and focus on imbibing and implementing them – more so in today’s environment than ever before. Having nurtured, played, watched, mentored and simply enjoyed working with this team, as I look for what makes them tick, some attributes emerge that have been key to a sustained behavior of winning

  • Fantastic Team Playing with a sense of purpose – very basic yet the fundamental of winning

  • Excellent ability to decipher and sense opportunities – picking up the right ball to hit is key in winning

  • Thinking Big, taking chances and exploring beyond boundaries – craft a big vision and then push the envelope of execution to make it happen ; taking risk and chances to explore unchartered territories where the rewards are higher

  • Ability to push back across the customer and internal ecosystems – in order to get to real core issues to develop right proposition

  • Continuous Learning and dogged approach to never give up – learning from each failure and simply not giving up

  • Being Accountable – Ability to stick your neck out to make it happen

  • Great Winning Attitude – deep conviction of winning under all circumstances

  • Celebrate each win – every celebration is a reminder that winning is a continuum

I am sure there are many more factors that one can always bring forward on winning, Key is to find our own sets and reasons to succeed… let’s look around there are many…

2 Comments on “Winning

  1. Great write up of what makes a winning team. I’d have to add that strong leadership is pivotal to continued long term success.

    I would also suggest one more attribute of winning teams – the ability to clearly communicate with customers, and create a differentiated position. This is the connective tissue that brings all the other components together.