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9/11: a decade after

Sandeep KishoreSandeep Kishore

As my flight took off from San Francisco to Frankfurt yesterday, Sept. 11 2011, I remembered the fateful day a decade ago which changed US and the world forever…

The first time I heard about the Twin Tower attack by two hijacked planes was when a friend called me a little after 6 am Pacific Time on 9/11/2001 to switch on the TV. As soon as I switched it on, I saw the second hijacked plane hitting the South Tower of the World Trade Center… I can never forget that intense image and the huge blast of flame that erupted from the impact… Such a horrific moment; wish it had never been. What happened that day changed the US and world forever.

I had visited the Twin Towers in Feb.2000 and very fondly remember taking my family to the top floor viewing deck from where one could see the beautiful NYC with its full glory, charm and elegance. It was not just an iconic New York City skyline symbol, the WTC represented US pride and demonstrated to the world what freedom and willingness to succeed in a civil society can bring…

The severe pain of losing a family member, friend, colleague, neighbor or a fellow citizen brought US together in the ensuing hours of sincere and emotional need. It also unified the civilized world to be one in the fight against unscrupulous terrorists, as the attacks in the last decade showed it was NYC in 2001, Bali in 2002, Madrid in 2004, London in 2005, Mumbai in 2008…… Whether its NYC or any other cities in the world our hearts beat for all humanity and all innocent lives that are lost in these dreadful attacks. A huge global problem like this can only be addressed by a unified world with a common goal to eliminate this menace.

When the news, that Osama bin Laden had been killed by Navy SEAL Team 6, was announced by President Obama in May this year, America again came together with deep emotions which were visibly demonstrated across the nation… Much as it had been waiting for this news for a decade…

America had to prove to the world, its global power and leadership by entering a long-drawn war which has already cost more than $2 trillion over the last decade. Although Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator-in-chief, was captured and killed in May 2011, US involvement in the war it started still continues and will probably consume another half a trillion dollars… 6000 American soldiers have lost their lives in the wars and several thousand more are wounded…

Given the state of the US economy today, this colossal sum of war chest could have been used in beefing up the economic momentum by creating new jobs, fixing health care, social security, debt reduction plan, etc.

America symbolizes not only freedom but hope for millions: if you can dream it, you can achieve it here in a civilized society. The new 104 stories One World Trade Center will be completed by 2013 in the same vicinity where the original Twin Towers once defined the majestic NYC skylines; to solidify and demonstrate to the world that freedom can never be taken away and willingness to succeed can never be questioned…

A day remembered and dedicated to the memories of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and the ensuing wars; a day with an increased resolve that there is always better tomorrow…

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  • Anshul Verma
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    Anshul Verma Anshul Verma

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    Absolutely 9/11 symbolizes what it takes to be a victim of the terrorism. It proved that no one is insulated from terrorism whether you are a super power like the USA or a war torn nation like Afghanistan. Hope we can find an permanent solution to this “Nasur” which has inflicted almost whole of the world. It would take great amount of perseverance, trust, faith , respect ( others religion and culture) and above all an approach which is not dictated by self interests. We all live in hope that things will improve in future. And I am sure we would overcome this problem as well.