Keynote at Zensar’s Global Customer Conclave 2017

It was a delight to host our customers and partners from all over the world over the last 3 days at Pune, India during our Global Customer Conclave 2017. The theme of this conclave – Return on Digital was aptly supported by several leading industry analyst discussions, customer sessions, panel discussions, expert sessions from our own thought leaders from solutions, practice teams. We also talked about ZenLabs and its focus on new dimensions of technology and innovation. ZenLabs will be key to continually keep the sharpness of our company towards new ideas, patents, platforms and solutions that will add direct value to our customers and partners.

My opening keynote focused on six key themes that Zensar is focused on, all of these center around our Return on Digital™ (ROD) theme – ROD is fundamentally focused on creating demonstrable business impact through digital transformation programs.

The Vinci
Enterprises are turning to Unified IT with Automation and Orchestration to improve service levels, reduce operational costs, remove vulnerabilities and achieve infrastructure agility. Vinci aims to deliver just that with phenomenal savings of up to 60% and improved the productivity of 30%.
Our focus is to help business environments become more automated. More connected. More Return on Digital. More business impact. So we also created KOSH: Knowledge Orchestrated Systemic Healing. With KOSH, The Vinci orchestrates all three layers: the detection layer, the service management layer and the resolution layer. KOSH itself stands out because we’ve incorporated machine learning into KOSH. It learns as it operates.

The Vinci is also a service provisioning platform in the Cloud, making it ideally suited for DevOps and works in any kind of Hybrid IT environment. Most of our customers are focused on Hybrid Cloud because it enables them to deploy their business strategies faster. The Vinci is about creating business impact for our customers.

Blockchain works on a distributed and secure ledger that can be used across multiple industries. We are undergoing significant exploration and investment in Blockchain. We are running pilots across various industry sectors. Zensar has already filed a patent for blockchain technology in a business case feasibility scenario. This patent defines digital return on investment using blockchain technology. Our differentiated and business value-led approach is validated by leading analysts.

We are currently offering Blockchain framework in industries such as trade finance payment, corporate funds disbursement, logistics, insurance, and retail. There is considerable interest from other industries such as gaming, airline, and energy.

Predictive Analytics
ZenAnalytica is our investment into predictive analytics. ZenAnalytica is built using machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring advanced analytics to our customers. It offers more than twenty-eight business apps, has thirty-plus predictive models and algorithms to help predict user sentiments. ZenAnalytica is ready for enterprise-wide deployment from day one. Time to first insights? One week or less.

ZenAnalytica is based on open-source and is technology-agnostic. In addition to the twenty-eight apps, it comes with over sixty out-of-the-box technical utilities with plug-and-play capability. It helps manufacturers reduce maintenance costs by predicting device downtime and failure even before they happen. It helps insurers create tailored policies based on user behavior and helps in the fight against insurance fraud. It also helps drive revenue by enabling smart cross- and up-selling.

Robotics Process Automation
Our investment into RPA continues to drive significant value to our customers. Streamlined bots working 24/7 for our customers have enabled a cycle time reduction of up to 90%. They provide up to 10 times greater efficiency, improved accuracy, and increased quality. Our in-depth knowledge of the business process and IT landscape allows us to deploy efficiently with zero impact on daily operations. Our First Time Right approach means our customers realize a Return on Digital more quickly.

Digital led thru Design Experience
Think about the customer experience journey. The customer experience has to be exceptional in order to drive massive digital adoption in any organization. Exceptional customer experience begins with exceptional design minds. In November of 2016, Zensar acquired experience design agency, Foolproof. Foolproof has worked with some of the biggest global brands delivering significant business value in their digital adoption led by customer-centric experience design. Experience, usability, and design drive digital adoption. I’m delighted to see our work together to bring design experience and drive significant digital adoption for all our customers.

Living Digital
Zensar is a living digital organization, bringing the finest in digital businesses to our customers. We live and breathe digital. Our belief is that to deliver true digital transformation to our customers, we must be fully digital ourselves. Over the last 12 months, we have launched 21 enterprise class digital platforms that encompass every aspect of our businesses. We have worked with all Zensarians globally to train them thru Digital Learning Academy. All of our digital platforms focus on ROD – every digital app delivers demonstrable business impact through measurable parameters. We were delighted to present several of our apps to our customers and were thrilled to receive their feedback and applicability to their own businesses.

Watch Sandeep’s GCC 2017 keynote address.

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